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New Free Dynasty League

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I think I have sent invitations to everyone who wanted one.

I want to keep the league free because I don't feel like paying a lot and for a dynasty league I am afraid owners of bad teams would be more likely to leave and harder to replace if it were paid. I know a lot of people think paid leagues are more fun, but I don't.

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I don't see how Dynasty Leagues make it past Year 2 if it is a pay league. Just like Commish said - Hard to get someone to pay to take over a bad team.

Unless you have some sort of pay scale where the top teams pay more than the bottom teams. Example for a 24 team league - Instead of all teams paying 20.00 x 24 - Have top 8 teams pay 30.00....Middle 8 teams pay 20.00....Bottom 8 teams pay 10.00....Seems to make more sense.


Anyway I'm in the league regardless.......Team Shenanigans.....


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Four spots left now, maybe more later. Join with the link above or pose/send me your email if you want to join. If it is full you can still message me or post your email since we will likely need replacements.

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The league is full now. I will invite the people who have commented here if we need replacement owners before the draft (I will be surprised if we do not), but I do not know when that will happen. Thanks to everyone who has shown interest

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