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Austin Hooper 2019 Outlook

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Looking at the TE landscape (including the 2 TE threads in the forum), it's pretty much Kelce, Kittle, and Ertz, and then everyone else bunched together.

When I'm mocking, I find myself waiting til the very ends of drafts to pick up Hooper. 

Last year I bought into Jack Doyle hype, and ended up having to stream at TE, mostly with OJ Howard and Hooper.
Most weeks, Hooper returned a good value, showing that he's a key part of the Falcon's offense.

Hooper finished last year as TE 7 (in half-ppr), catching 71 of 88 targets for 660 yards and 4 TDs. 

His catch percentage of 81% was tied for best in the league for TEs (with Geoff Swaim!). For reference, Zach Ertz's was 74% and Kelce was 69%.
He was on the field for 50% of Atlanta's offensive snaps, good for 8th in the league for TEs.
Watching him play, he is a physical player who aggressively goes after every ball.
His yards per catch is low (9.3ypc, down from over 12 during his first two seasons).

He had a six down weeks of fewer than 5 targets, but it's hard to find a TE outside of the top 3 who doesn't have a handful of weeks like that. He put up one goose egg all season.

Atlanta's set of skill players remains largely the same, but, importantly, Tevin Coleman's departure to the Niners vacates 44 targets.
It can be expected that Calvin Ridley will take a step forward in his 2nd year, maybe getting a lot of those looks from Matt Ryan. But Ryan will likely look for someone underneath when pressured, and Hooper could be valuable in that role.

Hooper just might be a really good value at the end of drafts. 

It seems he's got as good of a shot as any TE drafted after the Big 3 of becoming a dependable starter with upside.

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Savior. League Winner. Austin Hooper in 2019 is a true testament to those old Heinz Ketchup commercials from the 80's; specifically, their catchphrase. Hooper truly embodies it (An

Should still be started over Julio in TD leagues.

i would think any landing place would be a downgrade from his current situation.  hes the TE1 and any change he would have to endure (new playbook, qb, oc, etc) would be a downturn in value.

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I like him as a late flyer. As others have mentioned, the Falcs passed more than can be expected last year due to last year's injured D and playing a lot of catch-up, and Hooper has a lot of sharing to do even without Coleman in Jones, Ridley, and Sanu. The prior year he went about 50/500/3, which is pretty weak, but IMO that's his floor, or it might be even a touch higher, and a repeat of last year's stats would not be shocking (they weren't THAT amazing after all). Again good late flyer material IMO. 

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Atlanta Falcons tight end Austin Hooper made only three catches for 20 yards in Thursday's preseason game against the Jets, but he made some tough catches in coverage. 

And this one:


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Atlanta's D sucked hard last year and they threw a ton (Ryan had 608 (!) pass attempts). Julio is still getting his. Ditto Ridley. Some for the RB's. Sanu and Hooper will be 4th option. I reckon your best bet for TE streaming is finding the 2018 Falcons: competent QB, horrid defense, throws a lot, 6-8 catches a game.

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He was super efficient with his 81% catch rate as mentioned above, but there's not much reason to believe that's an anomaly. His QB is great, his WRs demand extra attention, and his average depth per target is quite short. He's a solid short-intermediate route runner and great check down option for Ryan when his WRs are covered. The Falcons O-line is solid enough to allow Hooper to run ample routes. And take it for what it's worth but he's being mentored by all time great Tony Gonzales. I'm in the belief that his targets will remain around 80 and his stats will be fairly similar with a chance at topping the 4 TDs from last year. And that's taking into account the possibility Ryan doesn't reach 600+ pass attempts again. Very PPR safe. 

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Run for TE was that strong, that all of the top tier player were picked during round 2. So I ended up with this guy. Don't know what it means at the moment, but I know that any other player available (Andrews, Ebron, Herndon, Graham) will not satisfy me, too.

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29 minutes ago, herschel said:

Missed on Henry so waited on TE and ended up with Hooper.  Hoping for slight improvement on last years numbers....

At that bottom tier, you could play switcheroo with just about any of the other FA TEs...

I ended up with Hooper too... ready to cut bait anytime lol

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Yeah I got caught on the back of a crazy TE run (16-teamer) and ended up waiting and he was the best option remaining. Andrews was there, but while I like him, it was too tough to pass on the weekly floor of Hooper. With his catch rate and no competition for TE targets on the Falcons, it is not absurd to project a slight increase in his role...being he is 24 yrs old and the TE position can take a lot longer to learn in the NFL. I get it, he is not the sexy option but there is some upside in him.

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