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Austin Hooper 2019 Outlook

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Savior. League Winner. Austin Hooper in 2019 is a true testament to those old Heinz Ketchup commercials from the 80's; specifically, their catchphrase. Hooper truly embodies it (An

Should still be started over Julio in TD leagues.

i would think any landing place would be a downgrade from his current situation.  hes the TE1 and any change he would have to endure (new playbook, qb, oc, etc) would be a downturn in value.

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3 hours ago, DrizzleOnTop said:


Only allowed 2 receptions last week to M.Andrews (BAL). Seahawks have a way of getting better each week. Starting Waller over him. 

Andrews had 2 receptions, 3 drops on 8 targets. Good luck. 

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This Sucks! C'mon Atlanta, where you going this season? Nowhere, that's where.

Just Ignore the extent of his knee injury and just continue to throw him out there every week - week 11 all the way through week 16, and continue to pepper him with targets all along the way, regardless as to whether he's playing at 40% or whether he's playing at 100% out there.

And then when the final whistle blows upon conclusion of your week 16 matchup vs. Jacksonville, with the clock displaying 0:00 remaining in quarter #4 (or OT if it goes to overtime), then and only THEN, feel free to address the extent of Hooper's knee injury; and from that moment forward, proceed however the hell you damn-well please from there. Is that really even asking all that much? Nnnnope, it isn't.  So don't overcomplicate things. 

Honestly, Here's how the approach needs to be. This is how it needs to go. Three simple steps

Step 1 The powers that be within the Atlanta Falcons football organization begin by asking themselves this question - Is Austin Hooper still living, breathing and walking amongst us?

Step 2 Answer the question posed in step #1. And seeing that the answer to that question is "Yes, yes he is indeed still alive", then go on to proceed to step 3...

Step 3 The final verdict. And seeing that the answer in step two was "Yes, alive", then Austin Hooper plays. Fully active, starting at tight end, no restrictions...thru week 16. Only exception being if he gets hit by a bus and dies between now and week 16. But it has to be death.

*If paraplegic:  limited practice on Tuesday full-throttle practice Wednesday thru Friday; full activation, no limitations, snap count or anything like that on Sunday.

*If quadriplegic: practices all week on a limited capacity -Tuesday thru Friday (perhaps beginning the week with no more than a sideline stationary bike session on Tuesday), before ultimately being active for Sunday, no limitations, no snap counts.

This ain't all that hard people. Fire him up! Lez goooooo

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