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Mitchell Robinson 2019-2020 Outlook

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Fizdale: RJ is 19 years old, bashes load management, plays him 40+ minutes Also Fizdale: plays Mitch 20 minutes Shoutout to Josh Lloyd eviscerating Fizdale in yesterday's podcast. 

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I don’t think you know what downside means, if you’re going to post like that.  Or you’re being deliberately obtuse.  For every player there is a range of possibilities, downside representing the lowe

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32 minutes ago, RLDN106 said:

Traded low for him a couple weeks ago and will probably give him another 2-3 weeks. Not a fun hold right now.

w/e he basically became my nerlens noel pickup. always can use his blocks and if anything they are trade value.  just wait for a few big games.

i wonder if he can beat out kevon looney in value. justp icked him up

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Just traded for this guy. Got him for Jabari Parker who I got off the wirer).


Super low expectations, and my team doesn't really rely on him cause I have 4 decent bigs (KAT, Zion, Collins, Bryant). Here's to hoping for a turnaround.



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I love Mitch Rob but he's been playing poorly lately even as someone who isn't expecting the world from him. For instance, he's played 5:13 tonight so far and in those 5 minutes, he managed to get 3 fouls and go 0/1 from the field and 0/2 from the ft line. Feel like he's been in a slump for the past week, and the foul trouble has been more prevalent lately 

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Yeah stunningly bad. Just hasn't learnt a thing in close to 1.5 seasons in the NBA, and if anything has regressed with DeAndre Jordan out of the picture.

I'm still holding out slim hope that he can somewhat salvage this season. Otherwise there will be a lot of egg on a lot of faces for believing the hype and drafting him too early.

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10 hours ago, WhatIsThisWizardry said:

thats kinda why i dont wanna drop... i know hes gonna get picked up right away he wont even clear waivers


I have the number 1 waiver in our league though I wont use it on him as I have the league max 4 C's (all of which I rate higher than Rob ) so I'd have to drop him (or trade) when Vuc returns anyway


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Just now, samer42 said:

Some of these replies are funny. He's easily top 40 once his minutes start trending up 

I wouldn’t say easily. But he is up there. The problem is these owners are second to last place in their league and looking for reasons to drop anybody to hopefully trend up.

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22 hours ago, WhatIsThisWizardry said:

a lot of fantasy strategy involves knowing who youre giving up and to who

Someone who is one good block piece away could be a threat to me in blocks. thats why I care. 

Edit: id also look quite stupid if he ended up turning it around. but the opposite could be tru too but at least i traded for him and didnt' waste value drafting him


Yeah this is especially important in a roto league.


If one of the top team's few weaknesses is blk's, and someone drop's Mitch Rob and his blk potential, better hope he doesn't have the top waiver or the league is possibly screwed. 


And even if I'm good in blk's I'll pick him up anyway if my waiver is higher to prevent that from happening.

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