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Adrian Houser 2019 Outlook

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Here's another somewhat intriguing pitcher without a page of his own. He's starting now, filling the role Jimmy Nelson had after he was sent down to figure his stuff out. Houser was apparently good in a relief role for the Brewers, but didn't last long in his start last week. He's not stretched out obviously, but pitching for a decent Milwaukee team, perhaps there's something here?

Sorry I can't provide more, was hoping to get the convo started on him. Starts Monday vs. CIN. Can't imagine he'll go deep again, but maybe someone to watch.


Adrian Houser gave up three runs and took a loss in his brief two-inning start against the Mariners on Wednesday.

He struck out four batters, walked three and yielded four base hits. He surrendered an RBI single to Omar Narvaez while J.P. Crawford touched him up for an RBI-double and an RBI-triple. Houser has thrived in a relief role for the Brewers this year and is now taking over for Jimmy Nelson in the starting rotation. It will take a few starts to get him stretched out. He burned 64 pitches to get six outs in this one. Houser is 2-2 with a 2.94 ERA on the season.

Jun 26, 2019, 11:34 PM ET
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Anyone starting tomorrow vs. PIT? Houser went 5 innings last start, so it appears he's adequately stretched out since getting added to the rotation.

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I'm intrigued by his groundball rate (55.3%) and his Statcast numbers. His average exit velocity allowed of 85.8% is among the lowest in the league, and his xwOBA of .282 is well below his actual wOBA of .315.

He's getting a lot of weak groundballs. Couple that with solid K and BB rates and you've got a pretty good SP. Don't see ace upside but could definitely be a nice mid-rotation fantasy guy.


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14 minutes ago, KilloWertz said:

Can Houser make it 3 good starts in a row (and 4 out of his last 5) tonight?

I'm going to say yes.  Even though they've been pretty good of late, the Cards still don't really scare me.

I'll be watching this matchup very closely. He is unowned in my roto league, could be a pickup if he pitches decent.

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5 hours ago, MSkibisky said:

I would start both STL, def not HOU, and prob not CHC

Yeah, I would say only two of the 4 are tough.  STL is manageable, just like last night.  His line should have been better, as their defense really let him down.  No chance I'm starting against Houston, and I agree about the Cubs as well.

Makes him a bit of a rough hold for some if they need the roster spot, but I'd likely hold for his next start at least if possible.

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