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Kawhi Leonard 2019-2020 Outlook

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8 hours ago, QingJames said:

"Kawhi Leonard (left knee injury) is questionable for Saturday vs. the Hawks."

Oof. How many games do the Clippers have to lose without him before he decides to actually play?

Well maybe his knee is bothering him..

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Hopefully this prick is well rested 

dude I grew up in San Diego, I am 45 years old, my first game was in 1979, and I remember asking my dad how a guy could be named World B Free.  Michael Cage was my first favorite player, Danny Manning

Kawhi out (torn vagina)

39 minutes ago, iowncrazyhair said:

At this pace its 55 games. He’s played 8 of 12 so far. 

also 2 games in the last 9 days before today lmao



Doesn't every player need to rest after playing a grueling 2 games in a week and a half?

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3 hours ago, Muggsy said:

Realistically what players should we target as Kawhi owners? 
Thinking I’ll try for Jimmy, Trae, Siakam, Donny, Booker. 


Jimmy Butler is the only one on that list who is near Kawhi as a caliber of a player and it's still a tier gap.

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