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Pascal Siakam 2019-2020 Outlook

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2 hours ago, Gile Pile said:


My boy Siakam needs some love ❤️

21st  per game and 11th in total value per BBM.

And people said he wouldn't improve

It's amazing how little discussion there is on him when he's one of the biggest breakouts of the year. There are glorified scrubs who get a page of discussion a day. This page is over a month old. 


Edit: I guess this post finally turned the page over 😀

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We see it all the time tbh, and I think there's some validity to defenses learning how to key in on players. But at least this makes me hopeful:   " Last season, Siakam’s usage jumped to 25

I don't think he's the lone scorer - they have Lowry, FVV, Gasol, etc...still I would be willing to bet over 20 ppg easy.  He averaged 19 ppg post all star, and had huge scoring outbursts (30, 31, 33,

Good point. You were on the money about Siakam last year:   Nearly a month into the season you made an even sharper post:   Clearly your opinion on Siakam matters more than say,

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It's going to be RHJ. 

RHJ should be a lock for 25-30 minutes a night now with both Powell and Siakam out.

Boucher will likely get 15-20 minutes a night playing the 4/5 spot.


But RHJ is the bigger winner here.

Should be able to produce 12 PPG / 8 REB / 1.0 STL with 50.0 FG% and low Turnovers.

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I’m hearing of the three Siakam will most likely be the earliest to return; Raptors exercising caution for what is a fairly mild strain:
Quote Tweet
Michael Grange
· 2h
Raptors say Siakam strained his groin landing awkwardly midway through the 4th Q vs. Detroit. https://twitter.com/michaelgrange/status/1207836664531435520
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