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Year 2 PPR 12 League Keeper-$200 Entry

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12 Team PPR-Year 2 Keeper

$200 Payment via LeagueSafe

Payout being reconsidered and TBD-100% Payout


Roster Size                          16

Total Starters                     8

Injured Reserve                 1


POSITION                                                            STARTERS                            MAXIMUMS

Quarterback (QB)                                             1                                              3

Running Back (RB)                                           1                                              4

Wide Receiver (WR)                                        2                                              6

Tight End (TE)                                                    1                                              3

Flex (FLEX)                                                          1                                              N/A

Team Defense/Special Teams (D/ST)       1                                              2

Place Kicker (K)                                                 1                                              2

Bench (BE)                                                          N/A                                        8

Injured Reserve (IR)                                        N/A                                        1



Every 5 passing yards (PY5)                                          0.17

TD Pass (PTD)                                                                    4

50+ yard TD pass bonus (PTD50)                                2

Interceptions Thrown (INT)                                         -2           

2pt Passing Conversion (2PC)                                      2

300-399 yard passing game (P300)                            1

400+ yard passing game (P400)                                  1

Sacked (SK)                                                                         -0.5



Rushing Yards (RY)                                                           0.1

TD Rush (RTD)                                                                   6

50+ yard TD rush bonus (RTD50)                                2

2pt Rushing Conversion (2PR)                                     2

100-199 yard rushing game (RY100)                         1

200+ yard rushing game (RY200)                                1



Receiving Yards (REY)                                                     0.1

Each reception (REC)                                                      1

TD Reception (RETD)                                                       6

50+ yard TD rec bonus (RETD50)                                                2

2pt Receiving Conversion (2PRE)                               2

100-199 yard receiving game (REY100)                    1

200+ yard receiving game (REY200)                          1



Each PAT Made (PAT)                                                     1

Each PAT Missed (PATM)                                              -3

FG Made (0-39 yards) (FG0)                                         3

FG Made (40-49 yards) (FG40)                                    4

FG Made (50+ yards) (FG50)                                        5

FG Missed (0-39 yards) (FGM0)                                  -2

FG Missed (40-49 yards) (FGM40)                             -1


Team Defense / Special Teams

Kickoff Return TD (KRTD)                                              6

Punt Return TD (PRTD)                                                  6

Interception Return TD (INTTD)                                 6

Fumble Return TD (FRTD)                                             6

Blocked Punt or FG return for TD (BLKKRTD)        6

2pt Return (2PTRET)                                                       2

1pt Safety (1PSF)                                                              1

Each Sack (SK)                                                                   1

Blocked Punt, PAT or FG (BLKK)                                  3

Each Interception (INT)                                                 2

Each Fumble Recovered (FR)                                       2

Each Safety (SF)                                                                2

0 points allowed (PA0)                                                   8

1-6 points allowed (PA1)                                               6

7-13 points allowed (PA7)                                            4

14-17 points allowed (PA14)                                       2

22-27 points allowed (PA22)                                       -2

28-34 points allowed (PA28)                                       -4

35-45 points allowed (PA35)                                       -6

46+ points allowed (PA46)                                           -8


Less than 100 total yards allowed (YA100)             8

100-199 total yards allowed (YA199)                        6

200-299 total yards allowed (YA299)                        4

300-349 total yards allowed (YA349)                        2

400-449 total yards allowed (YA449)                        -2

450-499 total yards allowed (YA499)                        -4

500-549 total yards allowed (YA549)                        -6

550+ total yards allowed (YA550)                              -8



June 30th-Entry Fee Deadline

July 31st-Keeper Selection Deadline

September 4th 9 pm ET-Draft


You are allowed to keep up to 4 players. The kept player will be drafted in the round they were selected the year prior. If a kept player was a waiver pick, they will be drafted in the round they were selected the year prior. If you have two keepers in a given round, the next earlier round will be used. If a player was a waiver pick up and not drafted the year prior, the player will be drafted in the last round possible.


Snake Draft

Sep 4, 2019 @ 7:00 PM MDT

120 Seconds Per Pick

Allowed To Trade Draft Pick


Draft Order

1st-7th Place

2nd-8th Place

3rd-9th Place

4th-10th Place

5th-11th Place

6th-12th Place

7th-5th Place

8th-6th Place

9th-4th Place

10th-3rd Place

11th-2nd Place

12th-1st Place


Lineup Changes Daily                      Lock individually at scheduled game time

Player Acquisition System            Waivers

Season Acquisition Limit                None Allowed

Waiver Period                                   1 Day

Waiver Order                                     Reset Each Week to Inverse Order of Standings

Trade Limit                                          No Limit

Trade Deadline                                 No deadline

Trade Review Period                      2 Days

Votes Required to Veto Trade     5


Start of Regular Season                 Week 1 (Start of Season)

Weeks Per Matchup                       1

Regular Season Matchups            13

Matchup Tie Breaker                      Most Bench points

Home Field Advantage                  None

Playoff Teams                                    6

Weeks Per Playoff Matchup        1

Playoff Seeding Tie Breaker         Head to Head Record

Playoff Home Field Advantage   Home Team Receives +14 Points


Teams Left:

Team A Suggested Keepers: David Johnson 1st Round/Mark Ingram 5th Round/Aaron Jones 9th Round/Adam Humphries 16th Round-4th Pick in Draft

Team B Suggested Keepers: LeVeon Bell 1st Round/Ben Roethlisberger 10th Round/Tyler Boyd 15th Round/Marlon Mack 16th Round-8th Pick in Draft

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