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Completed Redraft League 3 for 1 Trade

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Just had my trade offer accepted.  It was Doolittle, Glasnow and Hunter Dozier for Kyle Hendricks.  

On paper it seems like too much to give up but here's my rationale.  Best case scenario Glasnow doesn't return to late August.  And even then there's the issue of pitch count limits and rust.  Honestly he was a guy I was getting ready to sell for 40 cents on the dollar since my league has no IL slots and I couldn't afford to have two IL players.  

Doolittle is horribly horribly injury prone and I was able to pick up another good closer in Pagan with the newly opened roster spots.  Plus we're getting close to the time of year where Closer's will be easy to pick up (due to trades creating openings).

As for Dozier I would have had a tough time finding playing time for him.  Gallo is my first baseman.  And I have Yelich/Soto/Alvarez/Gurriel as my Outfield.  And Meadows as a backup.  So he was expendable.

All for a guy in Kyle Hendricks that is capable of being a top 20 starting pitcher, and is a great WHIP threat to boot (WHIP is the league tie breaker).  So any critiques on this move?

PS:  I know Hendricks has pitched poorly in his first two starts since returning from the IL.  But he had no rehab starts, so rust is more than understandable for a control artist.  From here on out I'm expecting an ERA of around 3.50 and a WHIP slightly below 1.20.  I think that's a solid return for what I gave up.





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