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$15 Early Draft - BEST BALL STYLE w a Twist

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Anyone interested in a cheap ($15) Best Ball type style league?

All league payments through Leaguesafe, majority vote payout approval.  ESPN, PPR, 6pt QBs.  Trustworthy commish with long record of honestly managed leagues and timely payouts.  No BS in my leagues.  Straight up good, fun competition.

$15 BEST BALL STYLE LEAGUE, with a twist:

  • Low Maintenance and low cost (so you can focus on your bigger money Leagues)
  • Draft and the just log in to Set Your Line Up Each Week
  • Waiver Wire - Open During Pre-Season ONLY.  WAIVER WIRE IS CLOSED DURING SEASON.
  • What you got at start of season, IS WHAT YOU ROLL WITH.
  • 9 starters, deep bench of 14.  Deep draft, will need big bench for long season.
  • 10 teams, 6 advance to playoffs, bye for top two.


Currently, I have the TWO openings Below.  Payment is due this weekend.  Please don’t ask for an invite if you don’t plan to pay on time.

  • League #1 – Early Birds, Draft Date is Saturday morning, July 20, 2019 (8am PT / 11am ET).  LeagueSafe Payment is this Saturday July 13th.  One available Opening.
  • League #2 – Reloaded, Early Birds II (No Kicker), Draft Date is Saturday morning, July 27, 2019 (8am PT / 11 am ET).  LeagueSafe Payment is this Saturday July 13th.  One available Opening


First come, first serve.

Let me know if you have interest in this style league.  Even if I fill these two spots, I may get other openings this Saturday if someone does not pay their LeagueSafe.  Also, I have a couple of other similar leagues that may get openings.

**FOR INVITE, or more information, email me at:  thebrutal1@hotmail.com

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I will most likely get a couple of more openings this Saturday once I remove any unpaid teams from the leagues.  I also have a couple of other similar leagues.  So if interested, please shoot me an email to let me know.  Thanks.

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I have 3 Best Ball style leagues with payment due tomorrow at Noon (PT).  I still have a few unpaid teams in each league.  Any unpaid teams remaining tomorrow at Noon WILL BE REMOVED.  If you would like to get on a wait list if interested persons and will be able to pay upon joining tomorrow, shoot me an email.  I'm collecting replacements ahead of time.  Thanks.


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