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Hunter Henry 2019 Outlook

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Starting Henry over Graham only because I already sealed the win. Recommend doing the same for those out there that plan to cut the other TE soon if Henry is healthy.  Then you have the option of picking up a Packer or Lion player for free off waivers before MNF. Ex: MVS is on waivers in my league.

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I am starting him so I can drop OJ Howard to fill in a bye week defense.  If he gets zero (out), fine with me.  That's what I expect from OJ.

Lol. Come eat your crow. 

You and anyone else are welcome to use my promotional write up that I just shared with my league:   Tired of your busted tight end? Are you worrying about eating a zero or if Jeremy Sprinkle

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1 minute ago, owenmills said:

Watch this be his best game of the season when 50% of his owners kept him on the bench. Because fantasy! 


Yea now I’ve gotta decide Waller or HH each week. Nice problem to have, but I hate making hose choices. 

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If I had a dollar for every fantasy blurb that told me not to trust Hunter this week, I'd have enough money not to be pissed that I benched him. 

I'd do so much better if I never read anything. I would have obviously started him if I'd just seen he was active.

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19 hours ago, TommyKramer said:

I love the optimism.  1,000 yards and 10 TD's in the same season by a TE would put Henry in some very select company.  We're talking Kelce, Gronk, J Graham, Gonzales, Gates, Sharpe, Winslow, Ditka, Witten, all time greats!  Fingers crossed, I hope you're right

Obviously still way too early but tonight was certainly a good start. Barring injury I see him right there with Kelce/Kittle. 

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