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Yelich / JD Martinez Trade. In the Ballpark?

Yelich / JD Martinez Trade. In the Ballpark?  

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  1. 1. Team A Gets: Yelich, Donaldson, Y. Chirinos // Team B Gets: JD Martinez, Guerrero, G.Cole (non keeper). Who wins?

    • favors team A big time
    • favors team A a lil
    • even trade
    • favors team B a ll
    • favors team B big time

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I think it leans to team A.  Yelich is just SO off the hook.  But if B desperately needs Cole, it's not horrible.

Thanks for mine!

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Non-keeper I voted A by a little. Much as I love Cole as a top-tier SP, I'd prefer the Yelich side in this deal. Best player plus enough talent from the other 2 gives that side the win by a nose.

Help me please: 


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Guess I’m in the minority.  I’d rather have B.     Yelich SHOULD come back to earth and the side B guys SHOULD all have better 2nd halves although cole is already killling it and should continue to.  When evaluating multi player trades ignoring need i try to put a rough auction value on the guys.  Something along the lines of $45, 18, 14vs.  $33, 20, 29 (purely off the top,of my head.)   Not perfect at all, and there will be some disagreement for sure, but that’s a pretty big advantage for side B and the most likely number to move would be yelichs value going down. Admitingly, vlads value is hugely ballooned by expectations.

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