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T.J. Hockenson 2019 Outlook

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Just this last Sunday 😁

Glassford? Has played every game since '11. Dude played through a broken back AND dealing with off the field issues. His wife had brain cancer.  


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Raiders can't cover the TE, big smash spot for Hock...just need Carr and Co. to keep up in the game. This is the Staffy show and somebody other than 2 out of the 3 WR will put up numbers in the right match-ups, like this one. Upside is big and the floor should be 4 for 40 or so against Raiders.

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25 minutes ago, RingMyBell said:

This guy is so unreliable, easy drop

Who’s reliable outside Kittle, Kelce, and the other top 3 guys? And you think anyone available is more reliable than Hockenson?

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Blah I've owned this guy in two leagues all year and one of them i dumped 25% of my faab to get him because I believed. I still have him on both but I'm likely dumping him after this week unless he shows me something. And by something I don't mean 3 for 19 and a TD.

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11 hours ago, crazyfingers711 said:

Remember when this guy was gonna be the exception that rookie TE’s always suck for fantasy?  

Yeah he’s been a little bit disappointing, but as someone who drafted him in the 13th and has started him every week, it could be WAY worse. He pretty much won the matchup for anyone who started him in week 1, and had 11 in week 4 despite leaving early with an injury. The alternatives from the WW are so much worse than Hock and there’s certainly no one available in most leagues (Gesicki? Fant? RSJ? Cmon) that I’d rather have over him.

He’s only TE16 on the year and 8 points off being TE10. There is without a doubt still the chance to finish in that top 10.

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Another bonus for him that I haven't seen mentioned: Kerryon went down and the Lions made no move for a RB at the deadline, meaning the run game is essentially dead.  They will be forced to throw more and short routes will be used to supplement the run game.  Advantage: TJ and Amendola.

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On 7/12/2019 at 6:34 PM, Motown_Magic said:

Alright. I’m right there with you as a Lions fan, and I’m also biased, but from a fantasy standpoint, where is your argument here? Besides being jaded, come on man. 

Recent examples of the Lions utilizing talented players:

Golden Tate, comes to detroit has 90+ catches 4 years in a row, 1000+ yards 3/4 years. Previous career highs in Seattle: 64 for 898..

Marvin Jones has set a career high in yards here, Calvin Johnson didn’t win sh*t in the playoffs but he speaks for himself. Top 5 WR all time in some people’s eyes, absolute fantasy monster. 

More recent: ROOKIE Kerryon Johnson was pacing top 15-20 fantasy RB until his injury. 

Fact is, we’re here for fantasy, and the lions skill positions can and have consistently been solid fantasy options.

Now, onto Hock. Here’s the deal. The guy might not be a freak athlete, didnt set combine records, but he is money. The dude flat out does not drop the ball. His route running is pristine. His blocking is exceptional. He wasn’t a sexy NFL draft pick, but he’s the kind of guy that helps teams win games by doing the little things. He has no weakness, anywhere. 

But: I am not seeking him out as a fantasy player. He will be sharing time with Jesse James who just got paid starter money. He will be asked to do the gritty things I listed above. He will 100% help spring Kerryon, he will absolutely help Stafford as a reliable security blanket, but I don’t foresee him as a TE1 in fantasy. I think 45-50 for 500-550 and 5 TDs is fair. I’d love to eat my words here, but I think his ceiling is TE7 and we should expect TE 10-14 mainly due to Jesse James in town

Annnndddd current 16 game pace: 44 catches, 548 yards, 4.57 TDs...... Why i am such a die hard Lions fan, i will never know 

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I have seen him wide open and not looked at, I have seen him thrown passes that are skipping in low. I’ve seen him lose the ball when hitting the ground and or ripped out before the reception is completed. So let’s hope he starts securing the ball before contact and getting the targets when he’s open. He talent is undeniable, his opportunities will increase if he keeps improving and keeps his mouth shut. He is almost certainly going to finish inside the top 10 TE. 

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Phew. Patricia said on a call that he just took a hard hit to the back and had the wind knocked out of him. He’s not in concussion protocol. 

for anyone who watched the game, how were his 7 targets? He only corralled 3 in, but the targets and yardage was encouraging. Did he have a lot of drops again or were the balls hard to catch? Also, that last play they ran was designed for a TE. If he wasn’t hurt, it could’ve been a big play and TD for him. 

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