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$600 PPR league needs 3-4 owners

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20 minutes ago, Georgemjs said:


Hi KJQ23 - this link?



I'm in this league a few years already

Yes, but it appears the league is full. If you have teams in there that aren't paid, expand it to allow more teams to enter. Cut the teams taht don't pay. Typically that's how people operate with League Safe leagues. Hope this makes sense...

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2 hours ago, TheNipper said:


🤣  - maybe if there weren't 100 rosterable WR's in a PPR format.  Lot of thought must go into a 12 team - 2 WR PPR league 🙄


League has more than 1 flex spot. You can't handle it please run along. Not interested in your cartoonish 2 QB leagues

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1 hour ago, sasquatchsturd said:

Watch out for this one, I was sent an invite, joined, and was deleted 30 mins later with no reply


I am a league member, in leaguesafe it says you were added on the 9th. You never paid and were removed yesterday the 13th.


Perhaps you are in an alternate reality where the construct of time operates differently, and 1/2 hour equates to 5 days? Are you Antman or the Wasp? This is some quantum realm type stuff we got going on over here. 


Note: We have 10/12 payments already and want to get draft order. Someone who is able to pay let's go!


Good league I have been in for 2 years prior. 

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2 minutes ago, sasquatchsturd said:

Whoever the Team name is that I joined under was a person that already joined but did not pay, so I was informed by Joe that as long as I paid right away, he would rather get the league full with paid members, so that was not my team you are speaking of .... just an FYI


Alright mate, good luck. Can't attest to the email,  just that I've been in the league a couple years and it's run well. 


One more owner needed, 10/12 Already paid in.



Just excited to find the draft order which is released after all paid. One more! 🏈

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