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Benintendi or Meadows

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What do you guys think of the outlook of these two young OF's ROS and who has the better chance to reach their peak?

They are both top 10 first round picks; one 2013 (Meadows) and one 2015 (Beni). To me, they have similar profile as both are power/speed combo with good hit tools; Beni has better OBP and Meadows seems to have more raw power.



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I'm going with Benni by a inch, just like him in the BOS lineup and feel he has get hot at some point. Like Meadows also, just not as much track record for me to pick him ove Benni ROS, though you're right he could very likely offer more power rest of the way.

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Meadows and not even because I am particularly high on Meadows. Benintendi just really stinks. Can't for the life of me see what people see in this guy and expect him to be droppable in a couple weeks. He is useless until he either starts running more often or has a 2018 Yelich-like power surge (shown no indications of either). Meadows has been brutal lately but has at least produced like a top 10 OF for a significant stretch this season. Far more than I can say about Benintendi

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