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Roto Keeper: Enough return for Kraken? WHIR

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Roto Keeper - Keep 8 - R, HR, RBI, OBP, SLG, SB, IP, SV, ERA, WHIP, K/9, QS

I am currently in 1st with 137.5 pats but categories are close so I could easily lose things quickly if I don’t keep the pedal down. We can only keep 8 so I trying to get creative and find ways to consolidate/upgrade keepers for picks and help this year.


I have a guy wanting Gary Sanchez, offering the following, take it? Is it enough future return for Sanchez if I can’t keep anything I get in return?


I give: Gary Sanchez

I get: Grandal, Albies, 4th Rd Pick in 2020


Accepting this would mean I basically am getting a 4th for Sanchez (a 12th Rd Pick in reality with 8 keepers each team and 12 teams...so really not much.) 

My keepers would be: Bellinger, Turner, Soto, Acuna, Judge, Bieber, Castillo, Cole


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Yes, I would make that trade.  Being in 1st, go for the win this year.  Grandal and Sanchez are very close this year.  Adding Albies and getting a 4th round pick is icing on the cake.  You have solid keepers, so losing Sanchez isn't a major loss.  The only downside is giving a competitor a good keeper for next year.  However, if you win the league this year, who cares.  "Flags Fly Forever"

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