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Just having an absolutely great year

Including today he's already logged 80 Innings, which is just great to see for a 19 year old pitcher. 

>11k/9  . > 3BB/9



Rising on prospects lists daily.  Pitching prospects are still pitching prospects, but this one is moving up with a green arrow in a hurry.


This is from a week ago 



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6 minutes ago, BigPapi44 said:

@brockpapersizer have been following him, but haven't pulled the trigger yet.  Do you have any data on the fastball velo?



I saw this.  I dunno. He's still just19 and he's 6'4" 220 per fg, kinda think if his goal is to add velocity it will be there.


Seems like he should probably be owned in 200 prospects owned leagues, maybe 250. More reason to pounce in points leagues.

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send him to driveline in the offseason, get the velocity up 2 ticks, and he suddenly becomes a top 20 prospect.

How is it possible that a system that graduates Chris Paddack and Fernando Tatis is actually STRONGER than it was at the beginning of the season???  

Preller is a Golden god. 

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yah hes still only 19, and seems like he already knows how to pitch, I get him on a strict workout program and like you suggest driveline, and go from there, if he can get to 94, that would put him in elite lefty status, as of today hes more or less Lucchessi, Allen, I would say Lauer, but I have seen him touching 95-96 lately

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This kid has really moved up the loaded Padres prospect lists, right around #10 in most lists.

Seeing his velocity progress like it has, going from upper 80’s, to touching 93,94 is a great sign given he’s only 20 now.

The spin rate on his fastball isn’t very good, but he’s averaged 11.8/K/9 so far, so if he continues to develop good habits, like settling up his secondary plus changeup and curve, along with arm slot angle, he could continue to climb higher in the Padres system.

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