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Brandon Clarke 2019-2020 Outlook

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2 hours ago, MysticPeak said:



I'm sure that media update helped a lot of owners pick up shares of Clarke in leagues where owners interpreted "week to week" as, "no time soon." 

If there is anything to take away, you really can't trust these teams with their injury status updates or timelines. 

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I swear this doesn't happen to other people in my league.

Prior to this game he had started twice. One (his 6th career game) he played 20 min and racked up 4 blocks but not much else and the other he played 10 min and got injured. I feel like that’s too Litt

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3 minutes ago, mmcc1029 said:

What a stellar debut for my team as he was hastily dropped by an impatient owner- unleash this beast for fantasy playoffs please Memphis.  

Honestly i dropped him too once i read week to week re evaluations. Thats just a ridiculous timetable just to see if hes going to be available. I got lucky being able to pick him back up.

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Guys there will be some duds and people will be wanting to bail and drop him before he really starts to shine post all star break. So I'm just here to remind you people to stay patient. 



It's me. I am you people. 

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I already have JJJ/Clarke, so I'm looking forward to when they reduce the minutes of guys like JV. This team is young and has great pace/athleticism - specifically the core of JJJ/Clarke/Morant. Melton looks really good. I have stashed him as a third Grizz because I'm anticipating before long he cuts in to Brooks big SG minutes or Brooks moves to more SF minutes because Crowder blows. They had him out there at the end of the game today, and he's very promising. Reminds me a lot of a young prime Avery Bradley. Was absolutely hawking Booker and not giving him any room, and then running the offense nicely on the other end, he comes up with big offensive rebounds and he knows when to slash/drive and when to pull up, just very composed.

Not ideal to have three Grizz per se, but I'm liking Melton's statistical output, even in limited minutes these are solid per-minute lines.

As for Clarke, it's amazing how many blocks he has that don't get counted. I swear I count at least 1 additional block every few games that they just don't record.

He's got a really interesting game, you know he's rolling every time but the angles he takes and his hops makes it hard to stop, and it puts him in position for offensive rebounds/tip ins, and he's got a solid pop game. He has no semblance of a post game, but he's a perfect athletic role player who'll be highly productive. Perfect player to round out a fantasy bench with. 

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I'm jealous of you guys who were able to pick him up off the wire...and that's coming from someone who drafted him. I love this guy. Fg anchor who hits 3s? I just hope the stocks stay relatively consistent. Perfect player for a punt assist team, and he came cheap or free to mostly all of us. Unleash the beast as the season goes on. 

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Contemplated trading for this Clarke for his post-ASB upside, but the word "maintenance" stops me in my tracks. I hope his oblique issue isn't something they'll need to be cautious about ROS

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Yea he's pretty much useless in my settings. Points league weekly lineups. For one, he's being blocked by Jonas and JJJ. Two, this is already his 2nd "maintenance " game. If he can't even be relied on to complete a 4 game week, then what good is he in weekly lineups? 

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