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Brandon Clarke 2019-2020 Outlook

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I swear this doesn't happen to other people in my league.

Prior to this game he had started twice. One (his 6th career game) he played 20 min and racked up 4 blocks but not much else and the other he played 10 min and got injured. I feel like that’s too Litt

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Have yourself a night young man. My goodness. 

His teammates were definitely looking for him near the rim and he cleaned up a few loose balls around the paint as well. Some of his finishes look awkward but it shows hes athletic and can adjust when necessary. Seems to be good at rim running and cutting, didnt see much of his jumper on display though. 

But wow, the Grizzlies are such a fun young team to watch.


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On 7/16/2019 at 9:29 AM, hipriest69 said:

Clarke is interesting.  I just took him in the 8th round in 12 team roto dynasty startup.  


I'm assuming most rookies don't play or ever pan out because, although talented, there's still number of factors, including their mental / BBIQ is still low, they get torched on defense and give up easy buckets, turn the ball over or don't make the right read on offense, basically they're a net negative.  Most need time to adjust to the strength and speed of the NBA.


One of Clarke's biggest strengths, is his mental makeup / BBIQ, combined with elite 99th percentile athleticism.  If you watch Summer League one of the things that makes him so good is his ability to make the right reads and rotations on defense, and put himself into position to challenge a lot of shot without fouling.  His plus / minus was absolutely insane.  Without him on the floor his team tanked.  He had a PER of over 34! Just his pure presence on the floor makes the team better.  That alone will earn him minutes.  Sure he will need time to adjust and improve, but I kind of see him as an impact plug and play from day 1.  


Offensively he's better than advertised.  The 3 ball is there, which opens up his first step blow by.  The pick and roll game, etc, all good.  Elite touch.  Elite finisher.  Has a shot to be in the 65% FG range and be an elite FG booster.  More blocks than missed shots in college.


Although its crowded in Memphis, I could see him carving out at least 20 a night to start, and pushing up closer to 28-30 by end of year.  I could see something along the lines of 

10 and 8 with close to a steal and 1.5-2 blocks, 0.5 threes, on elite FG and FT in the 70's.  


Fully unleashed prime Clarke could be 18-22 points 10 rebounds 2 assists 1.5 steals 2.5 blocks 1 three on good % and low TO.  




Well, not a bad prediction...probably too high on the blocks tho...

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