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Would you drop anyone for a FA ? 


FA Bats- Alex Gordon, Keimaier, Hicks, Kingery, Chavis, Markakis, Scooter, Dakota,  Santana

FA SPs- Mckay, Dakota Hudson, Gio


Had Mondesi and Eloy get hurt. I'm thin in OF and speed now with Mondesi gone. For SP, we have no pitching limits so all the good SP's get scooped up quick. McKay/Hudson are the two best left in FAs and Gio has been good with MIL more often than not. Curious if you guys would make any add/drops. Right now I have Eloy on my bench because I only have 2 DL slots and Mondesi/Eovaldi are taking them up. I'm debating also if I should just drop Eloy at this point being redraft since there are some good FAs. 


C- Sanchez 1B- Pete Alonso 2B- McNeil  3B- Suarez SS- Tatis

OF- Judge OF- Pence OF- Starling Marte UT Luke Voit UT Didi

BN- O'Neill, Eloy DL Mondesi

SP- deGrom, Hendricks, Soroka, Giolito, Means, Lynn, Paddack, Fiers, Lamet

RP- Felipe, Neris, DL Eovaldi 



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I would consider dropping Lamet after today's game for McKay. I like Lamet, but worried with him just returning, he may be a match up type SP right now, as he gets some games under his belt. 

I like Danny Santana or A Gordon, if you are considering dropping Eloy or maybe even Pence, if he doesn't warm up soon. Like Pence, but concerned with his age & injuries so far, that they may rest him some or he may slump some. Good luck!


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Eloy is droppable. Voit is getting there for me. 5 rbis in a month as the 3 or 4 in the Yankees lineup is unacceptable. Means and Lamet could be I prefer Lamet to Means. I would drop one of those guys for McKay and maybe Santana. 

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