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Emmanuel Sanders 2019 Outlook

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Am I the only one not that excited? Jimmy hasn't looked great throwing the ball, and this offense isn't exactly lighting the world on fire. 

Double coverage most of the first half.   Denver demonstrating other weapons need to be accounted for will loosen things up.    Good score for manny week 1 considering.   

Had a 45 yard catch negated on a holding call and a reverse for 19 yards.  Plus a toe tap on the sideline that they called out.  Looked like Flacco was just trying to throw it away and Sanders made a

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1 hour ago, Edgeraid said:

Been with the team a week and has a monster game against an elite corner. Excited about his ROS prospects.

Yup going to be slotted in ros most likely. kicking myself for not starting last night but Thursday game and figured the niners would just pound the ball on the ground and get out of there. Cards kept it closer than I expected.

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Let's not forget this was a pretty tasty matchup. Looked pretty damn good though. I was shopping him around both before and after the trade and offers weren't amazing, but it might be worth testing the waters again now to see what you can get. Schedule doesn't look scary, but is a bit up and down.

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On 11/1/2019 at 4:09 PM, rex_bulkhead said:

What are we thinking ROS? High end WR2?


I think so.

The narrative for Sanders I think translates nicely to fantasy: "Hey, I still got it... I think I'll leave these chumps, and join up with a Super Bowl contender."

Instant WR1 for the Niners.

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On 11/4/2019 at 4:25 AM, Pooskay said:

Shanny knows how to use Sanders. I think he's a solid WR2.

Jimmy also trust him to be in the spot he’s suppose to be at. He was literally throwing the ball his way before he would make his cuts and they’ve only been playing for 2 weeks together. Crazy chemistry 

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4 hours ago, pastorofmuppets2 said:



that’s somewhat good news.   If it was extensive damage or broken/fractured....an X-ray would reveal it.   This could be some kind of supporting muscle or tendon.  Maybe rib popped out of place.  

just a guess but I think this is a pain tolerance issue and he’s back sooner than later.

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