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12 Team Dynasty - HTH Points

Keep 25

Just traded away Josh Bell for Clevinger...

Should I add Urquidy and drop anyone else?  Team in Signature.  His stuff isn't terribly nasty, but he's got great control and a changeup that is a bit befuddling.  Kingery and Meadows just sitting on the bench, but I like Kingery's long term...originally got him for 2B eligibility, but that's in the past.


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I picked up Urquidy this morning. Figure why not give him a chance?! Kingery & Meadows are the only 2 potential drops that I see on your team. Your SP looks pretty good, but never hurts to try & add more. Meadows has produced better, but may consider dropping him, since Kingery does have multi-position eligibility. Can't blame you if you stay put. Especially if you are in contention this year. Good luck!



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8 minutes ago, apap414 said:

Why not also try and pair up Meadows and Kingery for a better SP?


I currently lead the league in points by about 200 overall, although my record is 9-6.  This is one of those seasons where the scheduling has been a real POS for me.  Opponents have combined for the highest totals against me...go figure.

I've tried shopping Kingery, but no dice...even in combo deals.  in a full season, he has potential to be a 30/20 guy, so maybe I'll hold out hope that he can stay healthy.

Meadows was dropped and sat in FA for like 2 weeks, so I don't see him being of value atm.  Maybe I'll just hold both since Urquidy would theoretically only get me like 10-12 points per week...always nice to have a little depth...especially if those guys get hot.

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