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Jrue Holiday 2019-2020 Outlook


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Holiday wants to win and cares most about being in a winning situation, league sources tell The Athletic.

Holiday could become the target of trade talks throughout the NBA, with teams such as Denver and Miami believed to be possible destinations. Holiday has embraced the leadership position this season, but he wants to compete at the age of 29 with free agency looming for him in 2021.

For the season, Holiday has averaged 19.6 points, 6.5 assists and 5.1 rebounds per game and remains regarded as one of the league’s best perimeter defenders. Team executives believe he is the type of piece that would help lift a team to another level. For New Orleans, this could be another tremendous opportunity to replenish with more assets for their rebuild.


His value on Denver would be great

Heat I’m not as sure. They spread the wealth a lot more over there. He could still be as good and they'll use him plenty as they push for playoff seeding but I'm less convinced of this spot

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4 minutes ago, simon said:

I dont think jrue can average anywhere near 19-5-5 in both denver or miami.

Can playing with Jokic. He has zero play makers around him right now but if he goes somewhere he isnt asked to do everything he can thrive. Both those teams play to his strengths

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Jrue would be a better playmaker than Murray and Jokic doesn't mind not shooting

I could see Jrue slotting in as their secondary playmaker and a go to scorer

Ultimately I think his production in both situations would be dictated by who is shipped out for him especially Miami


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3 minutes ago, ellejamil said:

Miami I think would be a better destination. I don't think Denver will be willing to give up anybody, much less a starter who Jrue theoretically could replace (Garris?)


I agree, especially if Miami sends some of their young backcourt players in return.  

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5 minutes ago, davidhammer said:

doubtful designation for today, at least he has not been ruled out just yet 

probably a good sign?

Yeah kinda I guess. Considering they’re ruled Redick our earlier today suggests that they were at least giving jrue a minimal chance of playing 

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