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Help, Snell Down, Always Whir

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Snell is down and i'm getting my butt kicked and my dreams of fantasy championship seem to be slipping away. Currently in 4th but i'm facing 3rd place team and currently down 9 cats to 3 cats. Obviously, a lot can happen this week.... but Snell just wen down! Boo!

Sooo, who is the best pitcher available to win now and rest of season? Or should I continue to stream? Plutko & Anderson were my streams for today so they could be dropped. Or should trade away one of my big keeper options to improve pitching ~ Tatis was my keeper for 2-3 years but he could net a big arm. Always whir w a link. See team, details at very bottom. 


Most owned that are available my league

Alex Wood ~ Currently who i'm targeting. Coming back this week. Could be huge if he returns to form. Or could struggle to get back with the inury?

Glasnow ~ Doesn't seem like a win now. Just shut down for two weeks and seems like a huge question mark to come back.

Happ ~ mediocre era and whip, but maybe could help with wins, crappy quality starts.

Arrieta ~ similar to Happ.

Kennedy ~ Plays for Royals! ugh.



McKay pitcher ~ He coming back? Not even currently in the bigs.



Ponce de Leon



Most added that are available    Urquidy, Wojcichowski, Agrazal, Junis, Peralta, Alex Wood, 


12 team h2h 7x7 categories (R, 2B, 3B, HR, RBI, AVG, SB & W, CG, K's, ERA, WHIP, QS, SV). Each category win each week goes to overall record. Ex: team A can win a week 6-5, so record would be 6-5-3. Top 6 teams make playoffs which start week 21.

3 keeper/season. Keepers can only be kept at or below round 4 price. 2 keepers must have been drafted & 1 must have been a waiver claim. Drafted keepers will cost their draft price 1st year kept & the price divides by 2 each subsequent year kept. Waiver claim keepers cost 15th round.

c- Vasquez, 1b - Murphy, 2b- Villar, 3b- Bregman, ss- Tatis 

of- Judge, Mookie Betts, Puig, utl - Laureano.

bnch- Austin Riley.   

sp/p- Lucchesi, Buehler, Soroka, C. Smith, J. Gray, B Anderson, A Plutko, Darvish

rp- Osuna, Nerris      DL: Snell, Hill, Fried


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McKay and Kennedy are the ones that stand out. For as bad as the Royals are, we have been creating a lot of save chances and Kennedy is unlikely to get moved with his contract until the offseason. My next guys would be Wood, Urquidy and Junis in that order but they all are filled with question marks. I say McKay if you need a starter but Kennedy otherwise. I would really consider just streaming based on matchup though until one of these guys proves himself

Also facing a Snell situation myself


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