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Diontae Johnson 2019 Outlook

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I believe DJ is PItts #1 WR ROS, for whatever that's worth. 

No but considering it on Monday


2 hours ago, hard1 said:



James Washington Donte Moncrief are supposed to pick up some number 2 duties.... but word is Diontae may be legit.... they def reached in the 3rd round but appears they may have found their guy....

Wasn’t a reach my dude, kid is a baller and the Bucs were gonna draft with their next pick. 

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1 hour ago, thebadferret said:

Is he this years WR gold the Steelers seems to find every other year?


Is he worth a roster spot or should one monitor him on the WW?

I’m into this dude too. I’ll draft him real late and see how the preseason and maybe the first couple games go. If he’s not playing I’ll drop and monitor his snap counts. I think he has a lot of talent and is in a great spot.

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AB was a nobody when he started as well, those were the glory years when you could get AB later in drafts and he was really putting up some numbers until he was officially a rd1 draft pick. 

Not saying Johnson will go down the same path, but I have hopes he can within a few years make us forget about AB. We will see... But definitely worth a late round stash if someone has the room

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5 hours ago, CharlieWhitehurst said:

rookie only draft, where is he being drafted right now?

I took him at 3.03 in my rookie draft and felt good about it. I'd say late 2nd or early 3rd.

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4 minutes ago, hard1 said:

Looked great big play on a TD hasn't practiced all week with undisclosed injury.... jesus...boy needs to get some advil and get back out there.... gonna make himself irrelevant...

Yeah he does or I’m going to drop him the opportunity is there 

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2 minutes ago, hard1 said:

Squandering a prime opportunity 

His coach on record saying he's gonna have to play thru some pain... they clearly think he's being soft... classic prima dona 

4TH on the depth chart

this years Eli Rodgers


take Washington

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2 hours ago, m_cox22 said:

With Moncrief's performance I'm wondering if Diontae is a name worth monitoring or possibly getting for the end of your bench. In my opinion the WR2 in Pittsburgh is wide open.  

Yeah I have Diontae stashed. Moncrief couldn't catch anything last night, and there are several targets available in this offense. 

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I think WR2 is wide open but I don't think any of these guys are good enough to seize it and dominate. I expect JuJu to be the clear #1 target for Ben and then everything else spread out from week to week. Moncrief, Washington, Switzer, Johnson, McDonald....

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Mike Tomlin after being asked about the growth of Diontae Johnson & Devin Bush:

"We expect those guys to grow and grow in a big way and be more significant contributors and have more detail efforts and contribute more and it is reasonable to expect that to occur week to week. But I'm sure Seattle is feeling the same way about (DK) Metcalf, who had an opportunity to contribute to their efforts a week ago and make a few plays for them but we better not expect his contributions to remain the same this week. [DK's] role and the expansion of his role is gonna grow and grow week to week potentially at the early stages of this thing. And I think that's the traction that we all are trying to find with our talented young people [Diontae] at this stage of the journey in the National Football League."


Darryl Drake (former Steelers WR coach, who passed away a few months ago) speaking about Diontae Johnson after he was drafted, comparing him to Antonio Brown & other Steelers' greats. Said Diontae was the one guy who all the WR coaches around the league talked about (around the 7:45 minute mark). Mentioned how Bruce Arians cussed him out when the Steelers drafted him before the Buccaneers.



I wouldn't sleep on Diontae. I was honestly surprised he had 5 targets Week 1 after being questionable to play leading up to the opener (because of injury). And the fact that Tomlin compared Diontae Johnson's contribution to DK Metcalf's really makes believe the WR depth chart is wide open and that the Steelers aren't committed to Moncrief or Washington. If you have a free spot, doesn't hurt to grab him for this weekend just to see what happens. Considering the Steelers' propensity for identify talent at the wide receiver position, you'll have no shot at grabbing him off the waiver wire if he does breakout.

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