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Devin Singletary 2019 Outlook

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On 9/12/2019 at 9:12 AM, goldpants77 said:

Small and slow, but you never know. I remember Emmitt Smith was called those things too. Some players have intangibles and skills that are hard to see on paper but much easier to see in action

What's this slow thing?

A single time on a single 40 yard dash?

Was he slow when he scored 33 touchdowns in a single college season?

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Devin Singletary might be out of the league before Gore retires.

I know his athletic numbers look pedestrian.  But take a look at his scouting report.  from https://www.rotoworld.com/article/evaluations/nfl-draft-rb-rankings?page=1 He was Thor Nystroms # 3 RB

Posted Images

maaaaan, wish i had a piece of this kid somewhere - caught that second half vs the J-E-T-S JETSJETSJETS! and this cat was nothing short of electric.  flat out baller/playmaker - perfect complement to Josh, really changed the complexion of that whole game (he was ignored the entire first half).

don't wanna hear about Mosely exiting as the reason - they just refused to use this rook in the opening 30 minutes ... once that was rectified it was smoooooove sailing. 

if you have him, just go wif the flow - he's achieved RONCO (set it and forget it) status, imo. 

gl to you all. 

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3 minutes ago, Jin said:

How do we feel about starting him today against NYG?

I don’t own any shares but I would think he would be a safe RB2 with RB1 upside against a NYG inexperienced D line. This also could be a very ugly offensive game which I think favors the Bills run game.

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He pulled up lame skipping out of bounds, grabbing at the hammy. On the sidelibe walkung around after... It wasn't severe enough to send him to the lockers... Could be cramp or a pull, but those things can linger. Keep an eye on practice reports to see his status, could be a buying opportunity if you are interested and can stomach a couple missed games if it comes to it.

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Gore dominated carries and looked decent. Gore and Allen are the goal line backs and took all goal line work, but Singletary does get used in the red zone.

Bills keep getting Singletary work as a change of pace back and his carries are typically outside and/or have misdirection and motion looks to confuse the defense. They ran him up the middle maybe once and was stopped for no gain.

Offensively, OC Dabol continuing to use short passing attack as extension of the run and Allen looks very good throwing underneath, which is good for Singletary's value.

Gore is very much involved and doubtful that goes away. He is the primary back between the tackles, Singletary clearly behind as a change of pace back for runs designed outside. Could churn out a James White or Gio Bernard type season.

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20 minutes ago, Br0kenB said:

he was fine lol, it was a cramp. was ready to go back in after a few minutes. this kid has the juice and i cannot wait until he gets 12 carries a game because he's extremely talented.

Yeah it looked scary at first but the way it locked up on him screamed of cramp. It was a warm day in New York. Once he got back on the sidelines it looked like it was calming down. He would have had 100 yards on like 10 carries if he stayed in the game. Kid does have some serious juice.

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4 hours ago, lla887 said:

Anyone grabbing Gore off waivers just in case this is a longer term thing?


You should probably grab Gore off waivers anyway. Insurance for this backfield. 

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