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Trae Young 2019-2020 Outlook

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Trae's shot chart from last night.

I’m ashamed of this post

2 hours ago, PaddyAustralia said:

I love that trae drops a casual 38 11 with 6 threes game and no one even bats an eyelid. Kids a fantasy monster, especially if punting turnovers like myself.

Let the lisp live on! 

Agreed. I am punting fg%, TO and reb. So having Trae, Harden, westbrook and Butler makes me almost unstoppable this season. 

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2 hours ago, blaze4g said:

Well I am 13-2. So I'll continue punting 3 cats. I lead the league in all other cats by a wide margin except 3s where 1 other team usually does better than me. 


Oh you play with 1 win weeks. I usually play in overall score transfers to your record. Winning 5-4 doesn't move the needle as much if you only end up winning 5 of hte 6 cats


But at the very least, punting FG and TOs should definitely be part of the punts, as you can get lucky some weeks and win those cats. 

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