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Trae Young 2019-2020 Outlook

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1 minute ago, stay_woke said:


Fair enough, I just don't remember nearly as many posts whining about it last year and the Ayton thread this season is specifically bad.


Good luck to all Trae owners out there, don't own him just love watching him ball.

the Ayton situation is unique - it's rare for a player that good to get knocked with a suspension this intense, especially immediately into the season when everyone's already freaking out about their fantasy rosters.

I'm thankful to have avoided drafting him, but Trae's a different story - dude took a huge step forward, so missing even 2-3 weeks won't feel so bad if he returns to form. His owners should be grateful that this injury didn't happen to a Trae who stumbled out of the gates.

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Trae's shot chart from last night.

I’m ashamed of this post

The INJ tag is particularly important this early in the season since it gives you another shot to add a potential waiver wire gem to your bench and see what happens. I don't think it matters as much later in the season when waiver wire gems are more rare.

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16 minutes ago, Nate1213 said:

When can we expect him to be back? There are a couple guys I've thought about picking up this week that might replace his production?

Trae was putting up MVP type fantasy numbers. If you could replace those numbers, why even ask when he is coming back, just pull the trigger and get those guys that can put up the production. The real question is why are they still available to be picked up in the first place when they could put up Trae’s numbers. 

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