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Caris LeVert 2019-2020 Outlook

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Cant spell Caris without IR

LeVert will improve, people judging him so harshly based on a few weeks at the beginning of the season are just bitter. Let’s not pretend he didn’t already have some really good games this short seaso

Who doesn't?

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4 hours ago, atlantadynasty said:

Thoughts on this guy? Super buy low candidate or will this be the norm? In one 12 team league someone dropped him and I have the #3 waiver thinking whether I should grab him

I dropped him in my league. Terrible fit with Irving, poor %'s and no stocks every game with at least 3-4 turnovers a night. Got hurt right away so made my decision easier so i would pass  

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Two years in a row now. He was out from Mid Nov - early Feb last year.

And it took until almost to March last spring to get back to the stats he had early on when he did return. And he rotated good games with bad most nights.

I held onto him last year. But I might have to get on the Rondo train and hope for the best instead.

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11 minutes ago, Dreams And Dwightmares said:


7 minutes ago, nimo112 said:

He got the tag.


We all play for the same team here!

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22 minutes ago, Jsmoove said:

Do you still keep him on 14 player league with no IL spot? I'm really leaning on dropping him but the waiver is also thin. 


I always try to exhaust trade options before dropping, even in a league with no IL. See if a top team wants to take a gamble.

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2 hours ago, nimo112 said:

He got the tag.


Now we need him to get it for ESPN!

Re keeping him, it depends on your situation in the standings but if he is at 3 weeks I think he definitely is a hold in 14 or 12 team leagues, even without an IR spot. Maybe in a 10 teamer axing him can make sense, if there is a viable replacement available, but the drop-off on the wire in a 12 or 14 team league will be such that I would rather take the hit for 3 weeks than to drop him for a JAG. I would only drop him if I had an injury riddled team that was falling behind in the standings and couldn't afford 3 weeks of zeroes from a roster spot.

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