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Trading Jo Adell in Dynasty (WHIR)

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I am a contender in a 20 team dynasty with 10 minor league players. Jo Adell is my biggest trade chip, and I have a few options-


1) Trade Adell straight up for Keston Hiura

I may be able to get another small piece with this deal. Moustakas is my current 2B.


2) Trade Adell straight up for Justin Verlander

My pitching is already pretty strong (Buehler, Bauer, Corbin, Castillo, Ray), but I can make up some points with another ace.


3) Pursue other options

I could explore trades for players like JD Martinez, Charlie Blackmon, etc. Any suggestions for an equivalent MLB talent value wise is welcomed.


4) Hold through the deadline

I have a few players coming back from injury soon (Ozuna, Kiermaier, Tim Anderson, maybe Carrasco), so I could stand pat and either keep Adell or trade him in the offseason.

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What place are you in right now? If you're close to winning and just need some K's and W's or QS, I might pull the trigger with 2, otherwise absolutely not on 2. 1 Isn't terrible, but honestly I would probably hold. Guys hitting .302 in the minors

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Which cats do you need the most help with? Without seeing the rest of your roster I'm inclined today that in a 20 team league I might just hold onto Adell. But if you feel that making a deal will catapult you to the top and put you in the best position to win it all, then go for it. But without seeing the rest of your roster, I don't know which move would be best for you. Sorry, don't know that I helped much, but thanks for the help on mine.

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I'd probably hold...Hiura is a nice option but Adell has a higher ceiling...Unless one of the four teams that is within striking distance makes a jump you are probably better off holding...You are getting some nice pieces back from injury so that's like making a trade without giving up anything...I believe Anderson got activated today...Thanks for the thoughts on mine...

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