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Free 2 tiered league needs 2 active GMs

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G-League page:


The G-League is a 16 team H2H most categories league that re-drafts each season. It is part of a 2-tier league, this one being the lower tier. The way it works is the top 3 GMs from this league get promoted into our main league called "Ballers" at the end of each season to take over the 3 bottom teams from Ballers GMs that get relegated to the G-League. Ballers is a 3 player max. keeper league and G-LEAGUE is a redraft league. 

The 3 promoted GMs to Ballers will get to select up to 3 keepers from the team they inherit, or by trading players/picks before the draft. The 3 promoted GMs will have the first 3 picks in the draft as well. If less than 3 keepers are selected, the remaining will be selected during the keeper rounds in the draft. We have been running this format for many years now and the promoted G-League GMs have had great success after being promoted by being active and making savvy moves. Both leagues are fun and active. You can't sit back and relax in these leagues, you have to be proactive to keep your spot.

Right now, we have 2 openings (Nets and Blue). Live Snake Draft is Sat, Oct 12 at 6:30 PM with random draft order. If interested in an open G-LEAGUE team, leave your email address, thanks!

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