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Too many injuries, not enough slots...(WHIR)

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I have one add left this week. I had added Treinen as a cuff before Hendriks got the save yesterday. Hendriks getting the save yesterday seems to be a boost for his owners, but I suspect the As may want to see him get one more without difficulty before resolving to keep him at closer and Treinen at setup. But Pineda just went on the IL and my two slots are taken by Voit and Stanton.  Both Voit and Stanton are giant question marks as to whether they will be back this season. So I can:


A. Drop Treinen for a FA and hope Hendriks doesn't blow another save in the next couple of days

B. Drop Voit, stash Pineda on the IL, add a FA, and assume Voit isn't coming back anytime soon

C. Drop Pineda for a FA, and assume his injury will linger

[In case you're curious, available FA Hitters include: A.Sanchez (waivers), B.Anderson, Leclerc, Manaea, McMahon, Pence, W.Calhoun, W.Myers] 


5x5, h2h, 12-team redraft

C - Realmuto; 1B - Rizzo; 2B - Newman; 3B - Suarez; SS - Trea; OF - Conforto, Pollock, Springer; UTIL - Alvarez; Bench -  [EMPTY]; IL - Stanton, Voit

SP - Anibal, Caleb, Castillo, Gallen, Lynn, Pineda (inj), Reynaldo, Stroman

RP - Bradley, C-Mart, Hendricks, Robles, Vazquez, Treinen (bench)

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Not familiar with tricep issues, so hard to say now long Pineda will be out. Think I would drop Voit for Pence or Calhoun. If Pineda is gonna miss significant time, would scoop up Sanchez with HOU.

May even consider dropping Stanton, as he hasnt done any baseball activities yet, with that knee issue. Good luck!

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