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Cam Newton 2019 Outlook

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6 minutes ago, jujus-jujubees said:

Overthought the "value pick" and got burned, so I'm dropping and not looking back. Here's what I wrote to my league mates following Thursday's game: 

Darkwing Duck

by Cal Jammers Sep 13, 2019 12:43 pm ET



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The hate in this thread is ridiculous. He's hurt, he tried to gut it out, was terrible and is now shelved until he gets better.    /thread

Overthought the "value pick" and got burned, so I'm dropping and not looking back. Here's what I wrote to my league mates following Thursday's game:  Cam by Cal Jammers Sep 13, 201

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I was shocked at how disinterested Cam looked in the game. I swear when Carolina got a safety he looked bummed he had to go back in, Clearly some personal issues are at hand...which is understandable but people need to realize football is not a priority for him right now.

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Clearly not over his injuries. Not sure if it’s the foot, shoulder or both, but he obviously has no confidence at all. At this stage, I think they have to pull him and give him some time to rest up and get his head right. The Panthers offense on Thursday was the most inept joke, from a play calling and performance standpoint. Cam’s throwing action looks so laboured - he couldn’t even hit an open target within 15 yards.


The first few weeks last year, Norv Turner looked like a genius. Cam was getting the ball out quickly and accurately. CMC was keeping the D honest, and Cam was spreading the ball around fairly effortlessly. Since his shoulder injury, it has all gone to s***. He’s hanging onto the ball for too long and the O line isn’t keeping the pocket clean enough. 


He faces the Cardinals next week, so maybe he has a chance to build some confidence. But HOU and JAX after that, I’d imagine he’s going to get sacked a lot more.


Am struggling with whether to ditch him for someone else on waivers. Just can’t see him turning it around any time soon.



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2 hours ago, 24/7fantasysports said:

We may be at the point of these injuries to Cam being chronic meaning the pain in his foot and shoulder will not go away. The shoulder could be arthritic. We have been hearing for several years now he needs to take time off from throwing because of his shoulder. 

100%  . It's ashame they won't shut him down for a bit. His career is heading down quickly.  I loved watching healthy cam. One of my fav players to watch

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17 minutes ago, Mr.Joshua said:

I'm giving him 1 more week with Arizona up next, then I'm dropping. Although I also dropped Luck last year after his terrible first 3 games....

Maybe try to trade him for any piece that's better than the wire if you're gonna cut him. Even if it's only a slight upgrade over the wire guys

Any panther fans in your league?  Target them too if so

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