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Sam Darnold 2019 Outlook

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24 minutes ago, WayneFontes said:

"Big Red" is a rock solid QB1 rest of the way and possible league winner.

There's no doubt that he is playing to silence the haters. 

Schedule is good.

On a team that wont make the playoffs. ((So he wont be benched))


All signs point to him not giving a rat's behind and chucking it like crazy.

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39 minutes ago, BarbaricEric said:

Considering going with Darnold over Watson against NE

Sounds absolutely crazy but that's exactly where I'm at and I'm leaning Darnold at the moment. He's been fantastic lately, and it's awfully tough to picture the Bengals stopping him. Not to mention he gets the Dolphins at home next week. 

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Last 3 weeks average PPG for QBs (per my league's scoring):

1- Lamar Jackson 36.2

2- Josh Allen 28.78

3- Ryan Tannehill 28.68

4- Sam Darnold 28.23

Guys looking up at Darnold: Brees/Rodgers/Wilson/Mahomes


Will that continue? Who knows. But those LOLing at Darnold because of an out of context ghost comment look pretty stupid now. 


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1 hour ago, iretirefromfantasy said:

Benching Wilson for him this week.

I want too as well...how do you do it?

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Just now, iretirefromfantasy said:

The reward outweighs the risk for me.

This is a must win week

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