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Sam Darnold 2019 Outlook

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no brainer.....again I wouldnt even complain if its another 2 weeks....I would want to make 100% sure that he is strong enough and its safe enough for him to take a hit.....Jets will be 0-4 after this week...whats the point in rushing him back to get crushed by Dallas and NE...I am buying for the week 8 and on schedule...

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As a fan, I am glad they’re sitting him.  For fantasy it sucks.  The Eagles corners have been horrible, but I doubt Falk can take advantage of that.  


I can’t believe the Jets cut their backup over

the bye week without Darnold being cleared....


Hopefully Darnold rests up and avoids the Slutgers skanks. 

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13 hours ago, herschel said:

and he threw for 175 yards on 41 attempts.  i know buffalo is a solid offense, but what are reasonable expectations from him once hes back?


He actually played quite well during this game.  He was under a lot of pressure and maintained his composure.  Threw the ball away when he needed to.  Took the sacks when he needed to.  Made the right passes...had a few batted balls that were scary.  All in all - he had a decent game and it sounds like he was already suffering from mono at the time. 

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7 hours ago, murraygd13 said:

He should decent most weeks.  The Jets suck so should have garbage time stats.  Bell, Robbie Anderson, Crowder, Herndon are decent.  The schedule eases up as well.


I really like what I saw today.

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