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Dynasty format- VRobles, YAlvarez, or PAlonso—WHIR

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We are a 4 x 4 (which makes SBs more valuable) but I have a ton. Considering offering VRobles in a keep forever for one of these two bats. Rank the 3 please. One note, Alvarez will be DH only in my league next season it looks like, at least to start. 

Please rank (keep forever)-

VRobles (age 23 next season)

YAlvarez (23 next season)

PAlonso (25 next season)


Thanks, and leave a link

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In the case of age, I don't think you need to list them all out given they are all pretty young comparable to the MLB but it should be noted that speed tends not to age well. That said, if SB's are even more important, I think I would rank the three as you have it there in a dynasty league but Alonso and Alvarez are pretty close.

If you were to somehow deal Robles for Alvarez and Alonso though, I would do that deal all day but even with a premium on speed I would probably not do that deal if I was the owner of Alvarez and Alonso.

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thanks for help.


as an owner of both Yordan and Petey its a tough call as they are close. Alvarez packed in that potent HOU lineup for years to come is pretty hard to pass up,but Pete is crushing and will continue to do so.  the DH only in your league causes a little trouble, but ide be fine with letting him sit in the UTIL spot and accrue massive numbers.  i havent played in a 4x4, but in terms of keeper rank forever i go Yordan, pete, robles


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29 minutes ago, superman100679 said:

I would take Alonso easily but not sure if the owner will deal him for Robles.  And if Alvarez is going to be DH only next season unless you have 2 UT spots I wouldn't deal for him


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