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$50 Yahoo Startup Keeper League / Full PPR / FAAB

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Hey everybody, 


Me and a buddy are starting up a Yahoo Keeper league. Previously the league was a $100 buy in but we decided to drop it down to $50 to attract more newcomers. 


Rules subject to change based on league vote. We are hoping to get a group of people together that will last for years to come. We are all new to the Keeper format so this league is very beginner friendly for those who have never tried this format. Hoping to establish league rules once filled up and paid! 


All dues paid via Leaguesafe with majority approval. 


Aiming for 8/31 draft at 9 PM EST. 


Please e-mail or comment below if interested. 



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1 QB 
3 WR
2 RB
1 TE 
FAAB waivers. 


1) Players drafted in the first 3 rounds cannot be kept.

2) Keepers will move up 2 rounds per draft.

EXAMPLE: Should Player X be drafted in the 6th round one year and kept for the following year, Player X would be drafted in the 4th round.

3) If there are two players who sit at the same draft spot (two Keepers who are 11th round picks), one of the players will have to be moved up the 10th round.

4) Keepers will always be used with a managers original pick. 

5) You can never keep two Keepers in the same round, even if a Manager has acquired multiple draft picks for that round.

6) Should a Manager want to keep a second Keeper, that player will have to be kept using the Manager's next available round below the first Keeper.

EXAMPLE: Say a Manager has two Keepers in the 8th round, one of those players can be kept in the 8th round while the second Keeper will have to be kept in the 7th round (or next nearest pick)

7) Teams can keep a player on their roster for a total of 3 consecutive years (or kept twice). This is reset for each new team that player is traded to.

😎 All Free Agent pickups will be treated as 8th round keepers, unless they were first drafted, in which case they will return to their original "Draft Round Keeper" value.

EXAMPLE 1: Player X drafted in the 12th round...dropped...picked-up as a FA...can be kept as an 10th round Keeper

EXAMPLE 2: Player Y drafted in the 6th round...dropped...picked-up as a FA...can be kept as 4th round Keeper.

9) Free Agent pickups can be made starting 11 a.m. EST8 a.m. PST. This will avoid the 3 a.m. wake-up calls for those managers on the West Coast. Teams who pick up players on FA prior to the time 11 a.m. EST/8 a.m. PST, a mild penalty of $5 will be charged and I will drop the player from the team.

10) Waiver pick-ups can NOT be kept.

12) Regardless of Free Agency or Waivers, players picked up during the playoffs cannot he kept. 

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