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Zach Wheeler for Mitch Haniger & Draft Pick


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I'm in a 12 man Yahoo H2H daily league. It's a keep 10 league. Cats are R, HR, RBI, SB, AVG, OPS, W, SV, K, ERA, WHIP, QS.

I'm currently in 2nd place (just out of 1st). I'd like to target Zach Wheeler to strengthen my pitching staff and make a championship run. Laureano will be replacing VanMeter when he comes off the DL so Wheeler would likely replace Mike Leake. 

The guy in last place in our league is in full on rebuild mode so looking to trade some decent players for picks and/or prospects. Looking at his roster he'd definitely be keeping Mitch Haniger. What is a fair draft pick to include in this offer? Or am I better off not targeting Wheeler and just keeping Leake (who has been decent)? Or leaving that spot for a open for a streamer? Thanks in advance!


Current hitters are:

C - J. McCann

1b - C. Bellinger

2b - K. Marte

3b - M. Chapman

SS - T. Turner

OF - T. Mancini

OF - G. Springer

OF - J Upton

UTIL - N. Senzel 

UTIL - R. Odor

BN - J. VanMeter

BN - J. Adell

NA - W. Franco

DL - R. Laureano

DL - M. Haniger


Current Pitchers are:

SP - Z. Greinke

SP - C. Morton

SP - M. Minor

SP - R. Ray

SP - E. Rodriguez

RP - B. Hand

RP - I. Kennedy

RP - J. Jimenez

SP - J. Samardzija

SP - A Young

SP - M. Leake

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Is Mitch Haniger and a 3rd round draft pick (so 13th round in a keep 10 league) fair? I feel like Mitch Haniger and Zach Wheeler are about equivalent. So it's basically a 3 round DP  to use Wheeler the rest of the year. It doesn't matter to him that Haniger is on the DL since he's going to be tanking for the rest of the year anyway. Thoughts?

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Bump. Okay I was thinking that since I might not keep Haniger anyway since I have a lot of keepers to choose from and my offense is solid that it might be a way to strengthen my pitching. What draft pick(s) would you offer then for Wheeler to replace Leake? Or do you think my pitching is fine?

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In a 12 team, keep 10 league (meaning 120 players are kept), draft picks are not going to carry a lot of value imo.  Even a first rounder is a 120's type player which is mediocrity.  Haniger was not playing well before he got hurt and has missed a good part of the season.  At this point, his value vs Wheeler is dubious at best.  In other words, Haniger and a pick is not likely to entice the other owner imo.  You can certainly try it and see what happens, but I would not be jumping at it.  With a short bench like that and only a 3 OF roster, it makes working a deal difficult in your situation imo.  You likely have to trade someone else or trade him a couple of high picks.

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