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Derrick White 2019-2020 Outlook

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His name is Dunn. Kris Dunn.

Keep your expectations low boys, Pop’s senile a** will start Eubanks at PG 

He hasn't been own city all season

20 hours ago, RingMyBell said:

Pop always jerks this guys minutes around early in the season.  Hes so much better than that garbage SG they start.


Forbes runs with the starting unit over Maximum Derrick because they feature DJM and DDR as starters, neither of which are great floor spacers.  I do agree DW is a superior all around player than Forbes, but he is not as potent from distance and creates problems for SA on offense when nobody is able to drain 3's consistently.    

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  • tonycpsu changed the title to Derrick White 2019-2020 Outlook
10 minutes ago, RingMyBell said:

I dunno what to do with this guy,any chance he gets as good was he was last year?  He will probably need an injury to be relevant?

Injury or trade. If DeRozan gets dealt it should open up opportunities for him.

But at the rate things are going SA might shake things up anyway. They look terrible.  

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If the rumours of AG for Derozan are true, that'd be great for White's value. They could start him and Murray together in the backcourt and have AG spacing the 3. Can also move AG to the 4 in some lineups with LA at the 5 and Carroll at the 3 etc. DDR lack of spacing is the only reason they cant start their best backcourt. Dec 15th trade doors open?

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White is just a streamer imo. There’s just no consistency in the Spurs rotation and Derrick White himself isn’t playing well. He just passes it off and stands in the corners all game. He’s not getting steals or blocks, his assist and rebounds are almost non existent too. 

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