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Miles Bridges 2019-2020 Outlook

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I always believe that if someone has one single bad game, you drop them. 

User name checks out.  

First of many victories over Zion, clearly the better overall player.

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On 12/18/2019 at 12:24 PM, hl782 said:

As a guy who's owned Bridges over the past 2 years in a dynasty league, I'd like to chime in here with my 2 cents!

First, I think a lot of us (including myself) fell into having very high expectations after some lofty projections from BBallmonster this offseason. We all expected him to take on the mantle from Kemba (as the most talented player on a s---y team). I don't think any of us saw Devonte Graham or PJ Washington to be so good this season, eating into Miles' touches. Last but not least... the Hornets this year are sneakily good (nowhere near as bad as everyone makes them out to be).

The thing with Miles this year is that he actually has improved in almost all aspects (at least from my eye test). First, his defense is much improved - he stays in front of his man, bites fewer pump fakes, and closes out opposition quicker on help D. His stock numbers this season are much simply lower this year because a) he has to guard the best opposition player (can't really gamble as much as he did last year) and b) the help defense on the Hornets this year on the wing are god-awful with Rozier, Bacon, and Graham. It's also noteworthy that I don't think Miles is an elite defensive talent, but he's usually forced on to guarding the opposition's primary scoring threat purely due to his athleticism.

Secondly, it's obvious from watching Hornets games that his shot and handles are improved from last year. The reason he's putting up lower FG% than last season (and occasional FG% stinkers) is because he's much more comfortable in his shot compared to last season and is diversifying his shot selection (last season, much of his points came from rolling to the basket, dunks, or corner 3s).

Bridges reminds me of a mix of Otto Porter and Jaylen Brown, both who started to put things together in their 3rd-4th NBA seasons. Bridges' BBall IQ is not that high, has tunnel vision here and there, and his handles aren't reliable enough for him to produce his own shot consistently yet. But his court vision is good, transition play is excellent, and has the insane athleticism and work ethic to be a potential all-star level player. I honestly think the Bridges we expected this season (4th round fantasy type of a guy) will likely show up midway through next season, and his full breakout will happen in about 2 years. 

This year, if you're not in a dynasty league, feel free to cut Bridges, but if you're in a dynasty league, hold on for a few more years. He's a long term project player, that I don't think the Hornets will abandon.

I agree.  He's too good not to be a decent 3 and D type of guy on a winning team.  Next year or the one after is when he should become a sneak good guy like Otto (was). 

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This bum. Still don't know why I'm holding him in a 14t.

Gets hooked 4 mins in due to bad defense and barely gets involved on offense afterwards.

Losing minutes on a rebuilding team.

How does he go from franchise cornerstone to straight bum so quickly...

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On 1/8/2020 at 4:48 PM, csklmf said:

Played well since I dropped him. Thank you josh Lloyd 

Is that the guy that hyped him to the point that you ended up drafting him? The guy that defended holding him for the first two months of the season when he was losing minutes to Nick Batum and playing like absolute garbage?

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38 minutes ago, miasma16 said:

Is that the guy that hyped him to the point that you ended up drafting him? The guy that defended holding him for the first two months of the season when he was losing minutes to Nick Batum and playing like absolute garbage?

Hmmmm sounds like the same guy who kept saying Bjelica would be absolutely irrelevant once Bagley gets back.. Though we could say that's a Walton problem but ehhh. The fact that he said it with confidence man as if he was 100% sure that's how it was gonna play out... 

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How you guys take what BBM analysts say as gold is beyond me. They are there for advice and analysis based on their own metrics and knowledge. Ultimately if you make a move for a player, you have no one to look at but yourself. What a bunch of complainers ITT lol. Blaming Josh Loyd for you dropping a player like you were commanded by your daddy.

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