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It's Always Sunny themed league - $50 - 12 Team 0.5 PPR - ESPN - Draft Sunday 8/18 3:00 PM - No Jabronis!

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WHAT UP!!! We're a cool fantasy football league looking for other cool guys who want to play in our party league. Nothing sexual. Saquon Barkleys are encouraged. If you are Eddie Lacy, you should be able to find the humor in the little things. Again, nothing sexual.

~~ Drink Wolf Cola! ~~

Hey-yoo! Looking for people for a It's Always Sunny themed league on ESPN.

Draft time - Sunday, Aug 18th, at 3:00 PM.

12 teams. $50. LeagueSafe Majority.

Team name MUST be some sort of It's Always Sunny reference.

This league is EXTREME and full of EXPLOSIONS. Therefore, the settings have been tweaked for MAXIMUM PERFORMANCE!


15 player rosters - 9 starters - 6 bench (2 IR)


Two Flex spots for the incredible amount of flexing that will be going on.

~~ Drink Wolf Cola! ~~

Bonuses for HARDCORE performances - long TDs, 100+ yard games, etc.

6 team playoffs. Playoffs start week 11. Two weeks per matchup... because, of you know... the implication.

1st Place - 275 2nd Place - 150 3rd Place - 75

Most Points Scored during weeks 11-16 - 100 (all teams - so keep playing even if you're out clowns!)

GroupMe used for league chat.

Absolutely no Jabronis allowed!

Post email here if interested and I'll send you the invite in less than 24 hours. Leaguesafe Payment is expected IMMEDIATELY. Whoever joins without paying will be made perfectly redundant.


~~ Drink Wolf Cola! ~~

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