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Did I win this trade for Blackmon and Doolittle?


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I'm in a 12 man Yahoo H2H daily league. It's a keep 10 league. Cats are R, HR, RBI, SB, AVG, OPS, W, SV, K, ERA, WHIP, QS.

I'm currently in 2nd place (7.5 pts out of 1st) and looking to make a championship run. This trade definitely improves my OF and RP. There is a good chance I wouldn't have been able to keep Senzel or Adell either since my team is pretty solid. If I could trade for one more quality SP for draft picks I think my team has a good chance at taking it all this year. But I don't want to trade away all my draft picks either lol


Anyway, did I win this trade or give up too much?


I traded away:

J. Adell

N. Senzel 

1st round draft pick (11th round after keepers selected)

3rd round draft pick (13th round after keepers selected)


Charlie Blackmon

Sean Doolittle

12th round draft pick (22nd round after keepers selected)

14th round draft pick (24th round after keepers selected)


My roster after the trade is: 

C - J. McCann

1b - C. Bellinger

2b - K. Marte

3b - M. Chapman

SS - T. Turner

OF - T. Mancini

OF - G. Springer

OF - C. Blackmon

UTIL - J. Upton

UTIL - B. Reynolds

BN - R. Odor

NA - W. Franco

DL - R. Laureano

DL - M. Haniger


Current Pitchers are:

SP - Z. Greinke

SP - C. Morton

SP - M. Minor

SP - R. Ray

SP - E. Rodriguez

RP - B. Hand

RP - I. Kennedy

RP- S. Doolittle

BN - J. Samardzija

BN - A Young

BN - M. Leake

BN - Streamer

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It works for me.  Might have tried to hold back on the draft picks and only give up the first round pick instead of a first and third, but it is fine, esp in a league where you keep 10 players.  Blackmon is considerably more valuable than Senzel as a keeper and you were not keeping Adell and probably not Senzel for that matter given your roster.  Doolittle is a bonus.

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I'd like to think you could have gotten more for them, perhaps a straight-up trade without including the draft picks. Senzel and Adell *should* be keepers for many years, while Doolittle will not be.


That said, if you win the league this year, it was a great move. And this trade certainly improved your chances. So I can't argue against it, even if it was a slight overpay.

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I like the rebuilding side of Senzel and Adell plus the draft picks.  Hope you win the league this year (or soon) because I dont like Blackmon and Doolittle for much longer.  Unfortunately, I would say you lost that trade in a 10 player keeper

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Fair enough. You all make good points. It sounds like I may have lost this trade from a value perspective. That being said, it does sound like some of you are advocating that I would be keeping Senzel or Adell though? Do we really think that is the case?

I'm a big fan of both of them as I own shares in both in another league but my roster is pretty strong and I can count over 10 players that I'd rather keep considering I'm nowhere near a rebuilding phase. And if I'm keeping a prospect for long term value I'd rather keep Wander Franco to stash even if he doesn't play next year. So I tend to  think this was the right trade given my keeper situation. 

On a side note, I just completed a trade for Kyle Hendricks giving away a 2nd round draft pick. It sucks being without my top 3 draft picks next year but Hendricks should solidify my SP. Just gotta pray now that going all in like this wins me the championship. Wish me luck!

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