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2019 preseason week 1 game thread


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Anyone else watching?


I am watching Jets/Giants- Jets started Ty Montgomery at RB.  Starting offense marched down the field for a TD.  The Giants D put up little resistance except for a near int.  


Darnold was mostly looking for Crowder and TE Chris Herndon.  Enunwa is not playing.  


Giants starting offense went nowhere.  Gallman started at RB, Tate and Latimer at WR.  

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16 minutes ago, Iron-cock said:

Weather delay, time for the announcers to talk about Daniel Jones going to the HOF for 45 minutes.  


Well just in case you missed the pass, I'll put it here again for you to enjoy during the weather delay LOL



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28 minutes ago, Ryansm11 said:

Baker is the truth. MVP season incoming 

Why are those fools even letting him play? His cost will soar, I was so hoping to get him cheap.

Observations after watching as much as I could stand of the Redskins/Browns FWIW probably nothing 

Keenum didn't look THAT bad but it's clear why he's a backup

Basically nobody on Redskin O looks like anything to be even a tiny bit interested in 

RB Hilliard for the Browns looked kinda OK, until he fumbled on the 1. No excuse for it. He doesn't have the moves but has a decent burst

Really that's it. I get excited seeing that first NFL pre-season game just because it's football. Then 5 minutes later I'm over it lol

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