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T.J. Warren 2019-2020 Outlook

Trench Mob

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23 minutes ago, Muggsy said:

Great versatility with SF/PF spots which is an area I desperately need..... worth drafting over Rubio, Satoransky, BroLo, Prince??

apart from points and 3s what can he offer?

very good FG%(near 50%) and low to,also give you around 1.1-1.2 stls and 0.6 blks

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15 minutes ago, deathrazor said:

I wonder who will be getting more usage between him and Lamb. Seems both are poised for a great season but Warren is more injury prone.


I say TJ is in for a great year. Due to a new franchise and with Dipo out (I dont see him coming back and being as great as he was previously this season). Knocking on wood he doesn't get dinged up but I see top 75 potential out of TJ this year.

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10 minutes ago, Nazyef said:

Got him in the 10th. Kinda need rebs but I couldn't let him slide any further. What kinda rebounding numbers can we expect out of him? Any way he hits 5 rpg? 

When he first emerged onto the scene he had several double doubles. Probably not happening in Indiana with the bigs they have. But there could be games he gets  7 or 8.

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I feel people are really underestimating what TJ Buckets will do this year..  his usage is going to sky rocket.. hes shown hes a very good bucket getter in the NBA.. he is going to be counted on to play defense now.. on a new team with playoff aspirations after playing for a dead end organization. .oh and hes pissed off that he was traded for cash!!   Let's see.. hes 27 years old?  You add all this up and hes gong bonkers this year.  

floor of 20,5,1.5  2treys, 1.2 steals , 0.7 blks ,   48%, 80%.. 1.7 TOs..  top 50 easily in 9-cat roto. maybe top 35.


All aboard!!! Choo choo!



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He's way underrated in fantasy, which seems to be properly negated by the sense that he's only good for ~50 games a season. Strikes me as a great slide target, so he can vastly outperform his ADP while he's healthy and then not completely crush your soul when his body gives out.

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