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$20 ESPN 12-team .5 PPR league "Draft and Forget" tonight at 10pm ET (Leaguesafe)

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What are the two best parts of the Fantasy Football season?  Drafting and getting paid when you win!  

This league cuts to the chase.  You draft and forget about your team until it's time to vote on the payouts (to you of course since you'll win the league by a longshot).  This is a DRAFT ONLY league with no Waiver Wire, No Trades, No Weekly Roster Setting.  After all who wants to spend the next few months getting stupidly bad trade offers ("I'll give you Marquise Goodwin and Peyton Barber for your Saquon Barkley - that's two starters for the price of one!").  If you're like me and have wife and kids, job, and very little time to obsessively monitor the NFL news, this league is for you - the time commitment is zero after the draft. 
Draft is tentatively set for tonight FRI 8/9/2019 at 10pm ET.  Snake draft with picks randomized 1 hour prior.  Rules are standard vanilla ESPN default except for .5 PPR scoring buff.  
All players are active every week so no having to set your roster each week or worry about filling in for byes. Rosters will consist of 18 total players, all active each week for the entire season.  

QB x 2
RB x 5
WR x 5
TE x 2
Flex x 2
DST x 2 
No kickers because honestly, screw kickers they suck. 
Please respond to the thread with your email address for an ESPN invite to join the league. Buy-in is $20 payable via LeagueSafe, majority rule payout is set with a league poll for how payouts will be split. Remember if you add funds before paying your league dues, you won't get charged the "service fee" for adding funds via CC or e-check at the time of paying your league dues so you can save yourself the extra buck or so. Poll active on the League Homepage to determine payout structure.  You must be fully paid-on via LeagueSafe 1 hour before the draft starts, otherwise you WILL be removed from the league in favor of a paying owner. 
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22 minutes ago, buckm527 said:

I’d be interested in joining... bucmaytum@aol.com

@buckm527  sent an invite for the last spot.  Anyone else interested in joining, it's first PAID first served at this point.  Let's get the 1 spot filled and get to Drafting and Forgetting!

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