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Mark Melancon 2019 Outlook

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Melancon does not have a 2019 page... not even a 2018 page! This is now changed with the announcement that he will be the Braves primary closer! Hopefully he is there to stay, especially for the stretch run in both fantasy and real baseball playoff!



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I did grab him last night when the news was announced and was instantly filled with feeling of shame and regret. The number of times Melancon has burnt me in the past is truly to high to count. Unfortunately, the upside he now has, is too high to ignore. Veteran, with a history of success in the role, on a good, young baseball team making a playoff run in a division with some less than stellar teams. His ERA has been okay this year at 3.26, and his xFIP is right there as well at 3.39. He's obviously not going to be blowing guys away by any means, but it appears he's been able to get a lot of ground balls, as well as keeping the ball in the ballpark. The one thing I really don't love about the situation is how short of a leash he is likely to have down the stretch. Good news there is my fantasy baseball season only has 5 weeks left including playoffs, so I only need him to keep it together till then 😁

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1 hour ago, Kramjam24 said:

if this guy doesnt work out do the braves have another fall back option?


If Shane Greene gets his feet back under him, he might just take the job. I’d assume it’s fluid, but Greene has been awful so far. 

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