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Darwin Thompson 2019 Outlook

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8 minutes ago, CooL said:

Yes, of course.  So he's a 100% drop for me.  Heck, if Mike Davis were available on my wire, I'd drop this disappointment now and pick up Mike Davis before tonight's game.  But he's not.  I may even do the preemptive drop without pickup today before waivers, just to show my disgust with this guy.

Mattison might be an avenue you'd want to consider if somehow he fell through the cracks in your league.

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It's called a pimp limp. That's the way I walk into work on Monday mornings

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2 minutes ago, Spyplane said:

Mattison might be an avenue you'd want to consider if somehow he fell through the cracks in your league.

Ha, that's funny.  If Mattison were available, then I wouldn't have been in this thread to begin with and would never gotten sucked in to the hype.

I think clearly this backfield is going to be a headache.  When they're all healthy, it appears that it will be an RBBC.  And a not really effective one, as Mahomes is going to throw a lot.  Time to move on.  And may I never hear the name Darwin Thompson again...


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1 hour ago, TomBradyDaGOAT said:




and zero effin' regrets riding the Darwinian Diesel while it lasted, especially given the fact that when most of us plucked him Shady was DNP, and DWilly being OUT was fait accompli 🤷‍♂️

landing a potential cog in the traveling 'Homie points show is a gamble im'ma take every freakin' time. 

every. freakin'. time. 

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On 9/24/2019 at 2:32 AM, brosephd said:





I'm sorry...and I hate to judge people based on looks and name alone. 

But I'll be damned if I'm going to take fantasy football advice from someone named Shade Piper who probably had to go stag to Homecoming this year


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I'm choo chooed out.  Damien was out last game.  And we saw what happened.  McCoy and Darrel balled out.  I still can't believe some fantasy sites are saying that any RB in the KC backfield has relevance.  Unless your name is Darwin Thompson. 

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14 minutes ago, Magoo said:

Is that the sound one makes during a prostate exam?

LOL.  No...but that'd be funny as hell.

It almost makes me want to schedule an exam just so I can say "choo choo" when he sticks his finger in my butt.

But I'd need someone else present to tell me what the doc's expression was.   



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