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Gary Harris 2019-2020 Outlook

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He's been terrible who would be buying after one game? Dropped him a long time ago in a 12 team.

Not to mention his skill set is one of the most replicable: 3 and D wing.  His scoring is solid but that’s going to drop given their depth.  His steals are solid but unremarkable.  The only thing impr

My problem with rostering Gary is, you’re hoping for four things: him to shoot well in most of his games, not turn it over, get a three and a steal, of which, him not turning it over is the only sure

He had an explosion like this in a game earlier this season and went back to being crap.

His minutes are amazing but he’s basically a defensive specialist this year. His usage is way down from his breakout season. 

it’s hard to trust.. but definitely intrigued. He’ll likely be scooped in most leagues before we can see if he can repeat this for a few games.

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Just put in a waiver wire claim for this guy. I needed another solid wing to round out my squad. It seems like Harris is playing a lot better lately. With the Nuggets playing so well I can't see how Gary won't improve even more as the season goes on. Thanks to the owner who got impatient yesterday when he sat out. 😁

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Update: I was able to get him off the wire to start off the new year. & He’s back tonight. Let’s see if he can recapture his top 50 form from a few years ago.

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I was so high on him coming into this season. Thought he would at least bring in top 80 value and even though he’s been not very good, I’ve got a feeling that he’s about to start turning it up. 

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