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$20 ESPN "Auction and Forget" .5PPR league THU @ 10PM ET

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Are you a busy person who likes Fantasy Football but life gets in the way of managing your team during the season? This league is for you!

This league cuts to the chase. You draft and forget about your team until it's time to vote on the payouts (to you of course since you'll win the league by a longshot). This is a DRAFT ONLY league with no Waiver Wire, No Trades, No Weekly Roster Setting. There is literally ZERO TIME COMMITMENT after the draft and during the season.  $20 buy-in via LeagueSafe, 100% payout with majority approval of payout splits (splits TBD via league vote). 

Draft will be a live auction, $200 budget tentatively set for THU 8/15 @ 10PM ET.

All players are active every week so no having to set your roster each week or worry about filling in for byes. Rosters will consist of 18 total players, all active each week for the entire season. Whoever you win in the draft auction is on the team you'll have for the entire season. This is basically a variant of Best Ball, but the main difference is that in this league every member of your team contributes whereas in true Best Ball only some of the scores from your team count each week (basically whoever was the highest scorer from each position). The regular season is H2H matchups weekly with the Top 6 teams in the league advancing to the Playoffs where you have 3 weeks of H2H matchups (top 2 teams get a 1st round playoff bye).  Scoring is straight vanilla ESPN default settings (QB passing TDs = 4 points, fractional scoring, etc.) except for a .5PPR buff.

Your final roster MUST contain two and only two QBs and two DSTs. You must START 5 each RBs and WRs, and two TEs. You additionally have 2 Flex spots which can be filled by a player with the position RB, WR, or TE. No kickers because honestly, screw kickers they suck.  Thus your all-season/every week roster will be QBx2, RBx5, WRx5, TEx2, DST x2, and Flex x2 (any player in position of RB, WR, or TE).  Yes, this means you won't have a team of all studs and at least one of your positions might be filled with a guy who is a role player or something, so this league advantages those with a good knowledge of the player pool (not just the top 50 or 100 guys) and who is wise about making compromises in building the best possible team.  And yes your players will all be active during their Bye week so that's a consideration for building your team and can be an element of strategy for you to consider (should I stack players with the same bye week?  try to spread out the byes relatively equally? Etc.) 

Please do not hesitate to contact me for questions or clarification. Please ensure you are comfortable with the league format before you agree to join the league (and especially before you pay in).   I already successfully launched a mirror image of this draft (but in snake draft format) and several of the owners from that league have already joined this league also since they wanted to do this same format in an Auction draft. 

Link to league is below, and I'll be happy to send you an invite if you provide your email (post in thread or send me a private message in the forum).  Hope to see you all in the league!



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15 minutes ago, mzgarai9 said:

Hey i'm interested, how many spots are full? will it fill by tn?


email me mzgarai9@gmail.com

Invite sent, welcome to the league.  You're 9th owner, I think chances are good we'll fill by appointed time tonight since we have 11 hours to find 3 more owners. 

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