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Who to choose as my 3rd keeper?

Who to keep as my 3rd keeper?  

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  1. 1. Who to keep as my 3rd keeper in a PPR?

    • Kupp 7th Round
    • Edelman 7th Round
    • D.Watson 6th Round
    • A.Jones 7th Round
    • D.Henry 4th Round

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10 team PPR

My other Keepers will be: Zeke 1st Round and Conner 7th Round.

Do I keep a WR or do I keep another RB in case Zeke's holdout lasts or Conner ends up in a heavy timeshare. We don't have a flex, so the 3rd RB will be sitting if I keep 3 of them.

I do like Aaron Jones as a 7th as insurance, and he will only move up 1 round every year, so hopefully lot's of value, along with Conner.

If I keep two 7th rounders, then one becomes a 6th for this year, so Conner will actually be in the 6th round spot, if I keep Kupp, Edelman or Jones. 

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Hey I play in a 10-team PPR keeper League. And I'm having trouble deciding who to keep. I happened to get the 10th pick in the first round and last year keeper options are saquon Barkley in the first round or Patrick Mahomes in the 13th round what do I do?!?!

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In terms of biggest jump to ADP, Aaron Jones I reckon. Until yesterday, I would probably have said Edelman but I suspect Josh Gordon might cut into those a bit. I'll still probably say Edelman, to be honest. None of these are a real standout.

I definitely wouldn't keep Kupp, post-ACL bothers me a bit. Derrick Henry won't be worth a 4th round pick this year in standard, let alone PPR. Watson might have an ADP 4th-5th round (???) and QB is so deep you'd just go draft him again at his current ADP or find someone else. So yeah, one of Jones or Edelman, flip a coin.

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Jones for sure, and I didnt even consider any of the others.  Henry's older, costs more, and is a lesser value even with equal cost.  Edelman is old, gets hurt a lot, no thanks.  Watson is great but a QB?  Never keep a QB.   Kupp I like enough I guess, but not better than Jones.  



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